Hawkish Group is proud to offer our sponsorship program to a number of highly talented individuals and small businesses. Through our sponsorship scheme, we can help to support up-and-coming companies and individual talents by offering advice, assistance, and promotion through our social media channels and online blogs.

For our individual sponsorships, we are interested in finding talented young people from developing nations, including African and Asian countries. We will be able to offer advice, supports, and references to those seeking access to higher education and career progression in the international labour market.

We are also looking for exceptionally talented individuals, such as football players, who are looking to find opportunities in the UK and abroad. We can provide you with a support system as you try and find opportunities to show off your talent and get signed to clubs. We can even provide temporary accommodation for students arriving in the UK from developing countries.

Our selection process for sponsorships is incredibly strict and thorough. We are looking to find real talent, especially in those able to contribute to businesses, education, and sports, and grow within the industry.

For more information about our sponsorship program and whether or not you may be eligible, contact your nearest Hawkish Group office today through our contact page.

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