Hawkish Group’s security services cover a range of different needs and requirements, including online, electronic, and physical security services.

Whether you need protection for yourself, your electronic devices, or your premises, our highly trained team of security professionals can help you.

Cyber Security

With more and more businesses operating online and on electronic devices, your business’ sensitive information can be at risk of cyber-attacks. Hackers can often cause massive leaks of personal information, as well as getting access to your data, accounts, and even finances. Recovering from these attacks can be expensive, legally complicated, and can cause major damage to your reputation and customer trust.

Hawkish Group’s cyber security service can help you to protect all of your online accounts and devices. With our team of security experts, we can help you to organise your data, find secure online storage solutions, and protect your files and network access. We can also set up firewalls, create security plans, and monitor activity so you know exactly who has accessed your data and when.

Physical Security

Depending on the type of protection that you require, Hawkish Group’s team of security experts can provide you with a variety of physical security services for both you, your employees, and your business premises. This includes trained security guards, crime deterrent services, mobile patrols, video surveillance, visitor screenings, and on-site inspections.

Having a security team on-site can help to protect your business premises from vandalism, theft, and break-ins. This can include CCTV operators, 24-hour security, and door guards. These highly trained professionals can help to deter criminals and detect attempted intrusion or attacks.

On-site security teams are highly recommended for construction sites, events, retail properties, and warehouses. Construction sites are especially dangerous, with protection needed not only to stop theft and vandalism, but also prevent on-site accidents from machinery or unsafe conditions. Our physical security services help to protect you, your property, and anyone else on the premises.

If you are in need of any cyber or physical security services, contact Hawkish Group today. Our team will be all too happy to discuss and assess your security needs.

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