Property Services


Property Services

Are you looking to buy or rent a commercial or residential property? Hawkish Group’s property service can help you to source, select, purchase, or rent properties as a business or as an individual. This can be either as a place to live, an office space, storage units, or temporary accommodation.

If you want to let out a commercial or residential space as part of your business, Hawkish Group can also help to maintain the property and find interested occupants.

Hawkish Group’s property services are available across all of our international offices, including London, Florida, Calgary, Lagos, and Abuja. For more information about our property and renting services, contact us today.

Our property services include:

Property Sourcing: Whether you are looking for commercial or residential use, we can help you to find the right kind of properties in your area. We can help to support you during the process, as well as taking instruction from you to complete the job ourselves.

Facilities Management: We offer an additional facilities management service, managing and maintaining your properties for you. This includes security, cleaning, utilities, and even rent collection.

Property Investment: If you are looking to invest in property, Hawkish Group can help to assess risks and find low-risk properties for high returns on your investments. Contact us today for more information.

Lettings and Management: Hawkish Group also provides a professional lettings and management service, allowing you to rent out your properties through us. You will be able to collect the rent from your tenants through us with minimal hassle.

Buying and Selling of Property: If you are looking to buy or sell property anywhere in the world, Hawkish Group can help to support you in everything from sourcing properties, finding buyers, and helping with the paperwork.

We also offer additional services, such as repossession services, landed properties, building and construction, and acquiring a property’s certificate of ownership.

Our Property Services Include:

  • Commercial and Residential Properties
  • Facilities Management
  • Property Investment
  • Lettings and Management
  • Property Development (Local and Global)
  • Buying and Selling (Locally, Nationally, and Globally)
  • Repossession Services

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