Please come to Hawkish Group for professional, prompt, and reliable logistic services. Be it courier service for small parcels or documents or cargo/freight for bigger and bulky items, we are here to help you to deliver your items within the UK or any international destinations.

We have pick-up points throughout the world, meaning you can rely on us for the courier to any parts of the world, be it Africa, Asia, North or South Africa, or Oceania. We have logistical chains throughout the world and have partnered with international companies such as DHL, TNT, and FedEx.

They are reliable, efficient, and promptly deliver your parcels in time. We have long-maintained partnerships with them for the delivery of documents, and parcels. What is most important for us is our reputation and your peace of mind, therefore, if you like, we pick-up from the doorsteps of your home, offices, or factories and deliver to the receivers in the other end in stipulated time. It could be light documents, small but important gifts, and/or heavy contingent of other goods.

We have professional pack-and-send services to deliver your important items to specified destinations. Your items can be fragile, valuable and bulky like office equipment and furniture, or bigger packs of items like home furniture, bed, kitchen items, and computers and clothes to move to other destinations, they are in our safe hands. You may want to move your house or temporarily move as a student. If you are a student and can help you move your items like tables, books, clothes, or computers, or work desks safely to the UK or outside the UK addresses you provide to us.

Also, come to us if you are moving your whole or parts of offices to other national and/or international locations. We take care of your office equipment, computers, furniture, and documents and files, and deliver them safely to your new locations.

For small moves, in addition to safely transporting and delivering your goods, we can help you with your export paperwork. Note also, you can track your items while being transported and until it reaches its destination. Additionally, for your peace of mind, we also have Warranty Service against loss and damage to the goods we transfer for you.

Our professional packing for transportation includes crates with foams that will keep your goods safe during transportation. We take the utmost care for your items and attention for your product paintings, other artworks, or antiques while shipping. We can provide you economical options for moving such as pallet movers, which means, you can place your professionally packed items such as furniture on a pallet which enables a small number of items inside or outside the country.

Another way round, we also import goods, products, gifts, and small parcels for you into the UK destinations. You can confidently wait while we do the job.

It is not only goods and gifts, but we also have reliable services for money transfer. If you would like to send money to your loved ones, friends, or family, we are here for the service. Just come to us, we will arrange to send your money through Ria Money Transfer services. All you need to provide us name and address of the person, who can collect money presenting their legal ID. You can also use our services to collect your money sent from any other parts of the world. All you need is to visit us with your valid ID.

Please visit our offices at Canary Warf, call us, or send an email if you require any further information for the transportation of your items or goods or would like to transfer money to any national or international locations. Our professional and helpful staff will guide and help you.

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