Individual Services

Individual services for your personal career needs

Hawkish Group provides a range of individual services specially designed to help clients on a one-to-one basis. Whether you are setting up your own company, or need help settling into a new country or employment, Hawkish Group offers advice, training and support for your education and career. Discover our full list of individual services through the links below:


Getting the right education and training is a vital part of finding a fulfilling career. Whether you are a student looking for support, or an employee needing further training, Hawkish Group can help you to find the right support, mentorship, and coaching.


Are you looking for a more rewarding career, or seeking to progress in your chosen career path? Hawkish Group can provide educational support, career development, mentorship, and even help you with recruitment.

Entertainment & Music Industry

We here at Hawkish Group are looking to help promote indigenous and minority entertainment and music, and help to market them to the larger international community. We can help to promote your music, organise events, and help you find an audience.


We offer a variety of different holiday packages across a range of countries, including Nigeria, the UK, Australia, the United States, and China. Discover beauty spots, heritage sites, and a range of international cultures through our affordable holiday packages.


Getting started in a new career? Hawkish Group offers mentorships for a large range of different career paths, including finance, legal, data management, health and social care, and a variety of computing skills. We offer advice and guidance in a range of different business career paths.


One of our more unique services, Hawkish Group seeks to promote traditional and indigenous clothing from African and Asian countries. We’re looking to work closely with small businesses, women’s collectives and groups that produce and sell traditional costumes for marketing to countries such as the UK and North America.

Health & Social Care

Hawkish Group aims to help underemployed healthcare professionals smoothly transition into working for the health service in both the UK and other developed nations. Our team will help to support you throughout the resettling and training process.


Cyber security and personal security are two things that we take incredibly seriously. We here at Hawkish Group provide both computer security against cyber-attacks, and physical security for your property and events. This includes CCTV, on-site guards, mobile patrols, and visitor screenings.