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Health & Social Care

Health & social care are two of the most important sectors for any country, working both publicly and privately to provide vital treatment and assistance to those who need it most. These services rely on highly trained medical professionals who can work efficiently and to incredibly high standards to keep up with the demand.

The UK, US, Australian, and other international healthcare services are always looking to recruit, with many of their doctors and nurses coming from abroad. In the present global health crisis brought about by COVID 19, health care professionals are needed now more than ever before.

To help meet this demand, Hawkish Group is helping to support various international organisations in sourcing and recruiting doctors and nurses from all over the world. There are many underutilised or unemployed health professionals in many countries, such as Nigeria, India, Nepal, and the Philippines. These countries also teach English to a high level of fluency, making them prime candidates to transition to healthcare services in English-speaking countries.

How It Works

Hawkish Group works with a two-pronged approach as part of our selection process.

Recruitment: We work closely with local organisations in both African and Asian countries, identifying potential under-employed health professionals for work in the UK, US, and European health services. Once this connection had been established, these health services will go through and make sure that the candidates’ degrees are recognised and that their English proficiency is high enough in order to work. Hawkish Group also run additional checks to make sure that the candidates have enough training and experience to smoothly transition to a new work environment.

Training: Alongside the local healthcare recruiters, Hawkish Group helps to organise and run workshops and interviews for the candidates. We also run additional checks to ensure that the candidates’ certificates and paperwork are correct.

Once the new workers have been recruited and are ready to transition to their new host country, Hawkish can assist with additional immigration matters. This includes filling out the necessary paperwork and visa applications, organising travel, and finding temporary accommodation upon your arrival.

Training and Experience

Doctors: Medically trained doctors with degrees from outside of the UK can apply for full registration but need to show that their primary qualification is at an acceptable level and that they have completed a post-graduate internship.

Nurses: As well as the above degree checks, nurses looking to work in the United Kingdom also need to register with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council), the UK regulatory body for nurses and midwives. This is a 2-part application that includes a computer-based examination and an OSCE (objective structured clinical examination).

Hawkish Group can help to support newly arrived nurses through this process. We can also provide IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and additional training to help candidates reach the necessary language requirements. 

Care Workers

While the healthcare sector cares for people’s medical requirements, the social care sector supports people with non-clinical needs. While upwards of 1.48 million people are currently employed in the UK’s social care sector, the NHS is still in need of more healthcare professionals to meet the increased demand on its service. The NHS estimates it needs at least half a million more social care workers by 2030.

Hawkish Group is looking to work closely with care homes, nursing homes, the NHS, and private healthcare providers to help identify their needs and recruit new professionals for their service. For health services outside of the UK, our offices in Florida and Calgary are also working to recruit healthcare professionals in the United States and Canada.

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Whether you are a health & social care worker looking for employment, or a health service provider looking for new recruits, Hawkish Group can help you. For more information about our health & social care recruitment, please contact your nearest Hawkish Group office in London, Florida, Calgary, and Lagos.

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