Finance Training

Finance is the management and study of the money, assets, and income of an individual or a company. A financier uses this information to help businesses raise funds, otherwise known as ‘capital’, invest money and better organise how they spend their money. Finance is typically divided into three areas: personal banking, corporate finance, and public finance.

Finance is focused on both how a company spends its money, and where it is invested. Investments are vitally important to the growth of a business or company, meaning that a financier must be able to properly assess not only the current valuation but also the amount of risk involved going forward. This investment management is also known as wealth management for individuals, and asset management for organisations.

At Hawkish Institute, our team is here to help provide you and your team with practical training that can easily be applied in all areas of employment. We will help teach you all the important ins and outs of finance, giving you the information and experience to help you find employment or grow your career in your chosen industry.

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  • Practical training and experience
  • Preparing books
  • Error correction and review
  • Budgeting, cash flow and forecasting
  • Nominal codes
  • Company sectaries
  • Bookkeeping
  • So much more for your success and growth…

Hawkish Institute, a part of Hawkish Group, is here to provide you and your team with practical training solutions. Our training courses give you the experience you need to help find your dream job, or to grow within your current career. Contact us today to find out more.

Hawkish Institute is a training service operating under Hawkish Group, that offers practical and professional training on a variety of business-focused skills. We provide training opportunities for both those seeking employment and those looking to grow within their current industry.

Based in Canary Wharf, we will work closely with you and your team to help teach you about all the practical aspects of finance and bookkeeping.

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