Costumes and fashion have been a major part of many traditional and indigenous cultures, especially within African and Asian nations. While they are still created and worn in the cultures they originated, they are rarely seen in larger developed Western countries. Hawkish Group is very interested in supporting local artisans and small businesses who design, make, and sell indigenous fashions from countries such as Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana, Nepal, Myanmar, and Lagos.

Once we are connected with these local groups, we will hold meetings to identify traditional fashions and dresses and discover ways to market them to western customers. We also plan to organise traditional fashion shows, hosted in London, Florida, Alberta, and Nigeria, which will help to draw the attention of larger fashion brands, businesses, and marketing experts.

Hawkish Group is looking to support local groups and artisans in exporting their products and expanding their business internationally, selling in stores across the UK, Europe, and North America.

If you run a small business, women’s collective, or individual producing traditional and indigenous costumes, please contact Hawkish Group today.

This is a fantastic opportunity to promote indigenous cultures, as well as promoting authentic clothing suppliers and your own business. If you are interested in sourcing traditional costumes for your own shops or chains, get in touch with us today.

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