Entertainment & Music Industry


Entertainment & Music Industry

Hawkish Group seeks to support and promote those from minority cultures and developing countries within the international entertainment & music industry. While traditional and non-English language music and media can be incredibly important for minority communities, finding an audience can be challenging.

Because of this, Hawkish Group helps support creators of world-class entertainment and music.

We work with a four-step process to help promote your work:

Identify An Audience: We work with individuals and groups in finding them the right audience, especially among the diaspora and migrant communities in the UK, USA, and other western nations. For example, for the promotion of Nepali music, we would help you to target the Nepalese or Gurkha communities living in the UK or abroad.

Social Media Marketing: Once we have identified the target audience, we will utilise social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to promote your music. We will also use Google and YouTube to both promote and drum up interest in your work. These websites have a global reach, allowing you to reach audiences all across the world.

Music Events: As well as promoting your online presence, we will also organise in-person music events specially targeted towards your chosen communities, age-groups, and others interested in your work. We can both organise the events and provide transport for you, bands, and others coming from your home country to the UK.

Radio Broadcasts: We work with many different UK radio stations to help promote up and coming music artists, especially those from minority cultures. There are many different radio stations across the UK that target certain demographics and minority communities, such as Asian Network Radio and other foreign language stations. By having your music played on national and local radio stations, you will be able to reach a wide variety of listeners across all ages and demographics.

Are you a creator in the music and entertainment industry looking to promote yourself? Get in touch with Hawkish Group today to find out how we can help you grow your listener-base, get your work promoted, and earn money doing what you love.

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