Energy services are available in London, Florida – USA Office, Abuja Nigeria, Lagos Nigeria Office, and Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Whether an individual, a family, or a business, you need to consider value for money while using energy. Cost savings are an important consideration to make. There are differences in rates across energy providers. But there is no way of knowing without a search for the best rates. We can do the job for you. Besides, you may also certainly want to use green energy and reduce carbon footprint. We are here to help you to find one.Apart from these important services, we do provide some of the following key services in the energy sector, which you may need:

Sustainability Consultancy: If you are a business or individual, we provide sustainability consultancy which has to do with the energy efficiency services, which includes designing of structure and buildings for energy saving and sustainability.

Cost Saving Audit and Implementation is another service we provide to clients, which is meant for comparisons to save energy and hook to new providers which have provided energy at a lower cost for the longer term.

Oil and Gas Marketing: If you are a provider of oil, gas, or electricity, we will do marketing for you. Please contact us. This may include for any Solar System/Energy and renewable energy.

Finally, we provide services for inspection for the use and installation of energy appliances for legal compliance.

Our key services are:

  • Sustainability Consultancy
  • Cost Saving Audit and Implementation
  • Management and Accountancy
  • Compliance
  • Oil and Gas Marketing
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar System/ Energy
  • Upstream
  • Downstream
  • Power
  • Asset Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Infrastructure

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