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A survey shows that about 79% of managers are responsible for the variance in the team’s effectiveness. Do you want to find out how you improve productivity among your team members or employees? Have you wondered how you can improve the quality of work among your team? Well, your answer is here. All you need is effective leadership and management skills. This skill helps you to create a positive environment for your employees. Thus, this article highlights why you must manage your team effectively, and the 5 effective team management tips.

Why you must manage your team effectively

Management of a team or the employees of a company is very key to its productivity. It is the manager’s duty to perform and coordinate a team to implement tasks, and achieve common goals. But, what’s more important? It is effective management. A manager must possess effective management skills, as this is important for producing a more dedicated, productive and effective workforce. Furthermore, it is the role of management to create a positive work environment for every employee to thrive and achieve the organization’s goals.

These following are the benefits of making effective management a culture in your workplace

  • Effective management helps you to produce more productive team

    • A survey shows that about 77% of US workers are productive in workplaces where there is a culture of effective team management. This is why it is important for you to consistently build a culture of effective team management.
  • Improves employees’ retention

    • Many companies are witnessing a massive turnover because of the poor working relationship between the managers and their team members. This is costly because a huge amount of money is usually expended on employees’ replacement. Therefore, managers must be effective in sustaining a viable relationship with their team. This encourages team cohesion and productivity.
  • Employees become more excited about their work.

  • Managing your team effectively requires making your team happy about their work. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Thus, you must learn how to make your employees happy. One of such ways is always commend your employees for every good job done.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of effective team management, let’s explore the management tips that are essential in producing an effective workforce.

5 Tips on how to Manage your team

Basically, managing your employees or a team effectively is made easy if you can apply the following tips:

Effective Communication Skill

As a leader, it is important that you listen to your team, aggregate their views and provide a constructive response. Thus, your employees or team members will be confident to articulate their ideas, challenges, solutions to you. This will further help them to instill trust and confidence in you. By doing this, team cohesion will strengthened and every team member will be more productive.

Commend your employees for every good job 

When employees receive commendations, they are usually motivated to forge ahead, and to do better. Thus, when an employee performs a difficult task, or achieves a great feat, you must commend them. This will serve as an impetus to other employees to be more effective. For instance, you can surprise them with personalized thank you notes, you can also verbally thank them in the presence of other employees, you can also take them for specialized lunch

Monitor every employee’s progress consistently

Trust is built and sustained when employees are absolutely comfortable to maximize their potential. It is important that to effectively manage your team or employees, you must make them comfortable around you. Therefore, they will be confident about requesting assistance on any difficult task or any other related tasks. It is important that you make it a culture in your workplace or as you execute your project.

Solve Problems with them

Another essential tip to effectively manage your team or employees, is to help them to resolve problems. It is not unlikely that projects come with their specific challenges. Thus, as an effective manager, you must help your team members to address organizational and personal problems that could confront them. Notably, it is important that you must acquire effective problem solving skills as a leader. 

Be their motivation

Managing a productive and effective team will require that you constantly listen you motivate them. It is your responsibility to discover what area every member of your team is passionate about. Discovering this will help you to maximize their strengths and skills. When you discover this, you can assign projects that align with their skills. However it is important that you assign difficult tasks that will stretch them, and will help them to build.


The need to manage a team effectively is non negotiable. If you must achieve your common goals and produce results, you need to effectively manage your team. Follow these aforementioned tips thoroughly to guide in effective management. If you need further guidance and mentorship on how you can build an effective management culture in your workplace, reach out to Hawkish Institutes.


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