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Taller buildings by the Thames river mark London’s financial capital Canary Wharf. It is one of the financial capitals of the world. Canary Wharf has a welcoming environment for existing and newly set-up businesses. If you would like to start a business, you have supports ranging from legal to financial services. You can easily find the support needed to open companies. Additionally, you can find workspaces though it is competitive.

The world’s biggest and famous banks such as Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Citigroup, Barclays, and the Financial Services Authority are located here. They are only some of the 10,000 businesses in operation in the place. Businesses grow due to several reasons. Firstly, you can easily access the knowledge to set up and run a successful business. Secondly, there is the availability of skilled workers necessary to run and grow your business. Thirdly, there are training opportunities necessary to acquire knowledge and skills for becoming successful business persons. Fourthly, and most importantly, there is access to the funding required for the start and run the business.

Investors such as HSBC and British Business Bank can support dearly needed funds to start up. Smaller businesses benefit greatly from global giants as the reputed world-class business community and their reputation provides smaller companies opportunities to learn and grow quicker being in Canary Wharf as opposed to being located in other places. Moreover, nearly 200 arts events organized each year in Canary Wharf, which provides opportunities for businesses located in the place to increase their business.

It has welcomed hundreds of innovative and talented business people who set up the business. Therefore, it could be a place to start your business as well.

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