Business Services

Business services to help set up your company.

Hawkish Group’s variety of business services are incredibly diverse. From helping you to source properties, energy providers and career training to catering events, providing security, and providing sponsorship to developing businesses. Check out our full range of professional business services by clicking on the links below:


Hawkish Group’s business support provides a range of services to help establish and set up your business. We can help you to set up your office, find funding, and organise your accounts, tax, and payroll work. We have helped many startups grow into successful businesses over the years.


Finding the right energy deal is often overlooked either when setting up a business or as an individual. We can help you and your business discover the best energy deal for you, in terms of cost and sustainability. We can also help you market your own oil, gas, solar, or renewable energy company.

Health & Social Care

Hawkish Group aims to help underemployed healthcare professionals smoothly transition into working for the health service in both the UK and other developed nations. Our team will help to support you throughout the resettling and training process.


Hawkish Group can provide help with sourcing, buying, and maintaining both commercial and residential properties. If you are looking for a property either as part of your business, a property to buy or rent, or even to get started letting properties yourself, we can help you.


One of the extra services that we can provide is catering and organising corporate and personal events, including meetings, training days, birthdays, and even weddings. We can help to cater both food and drink, as well as organising and costing the events in full.


Cyber security and personal security are two things that we take incredibly seriously. We here at Hawkish Group provide both computer security against cyber-attacks, and physical security for your property and events. This includes CCTV, on-site guards, mobile patrols, and visitor screenings.


As an established business, Hawkish Group knows how hard it is to get contacts and support when starting from scratch. We offer sponsorships for you and your company, helping to promote your small business, providing temporary accommodation, and offering advice.


One of our more unique services, Hawkish Group seeks to promote traditional and indigenous clothing from African and Asian countries. We’re looking to work closely with small businesses, women’s collectives and groups that produce and sell traditional costumes for marketing to countries such as the UK and North America.