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New business trends have got people asking why Digital Transformation is important for Startups. What really comes to the mind of many business owners is the inclusion of digital technologies to create or improve on the businesses’ goods, services, operations, etc. Benefits of digital transformation is very pivotal to the growth of big and small companies. 

Start ups are also left out in the transformation. While, it may seem difficult at considering the paucity of funds. This doesn’t change the fact that it is very important to grow your startup. Are you looking to grow your startup? Digital transformation is an option you may want to explore. Find out more information on digital transformation, and how it is very important for your startup.

What is Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation refers to a disruptive culture that describes the way people engage technology. Thus, digital transformation in business refers to the way and manner technology is infused to grow and expand the business. When there is transformation, roles will shift, processes will change, services delivery will improve. The benefits of digital transformation is numerous that your start up needs to key into. 

Essential Tips on Digital Transformation 

Startups have a great advantage with digital transformation because they don’t have a deeply ingrained culture so they can accept any disruptive culture that can improve their business.

However, there are key strategic tips that you must follow as you explore the benefits of digital transformation:

  • Take calculated risks
  • Conduct your research 
  • Be flexible 
  • Request feedback
  • Get IT professionals

Benefits of Digital Transformation for your start up

Here are five major benefits of digital transformation for your start up:

1. Digital transformation improves team cohesion

When you digitally transform your business with the right tool, you will improve the productivity of your team members. This, in turn, will further strengthen team collaboration. Digital transformation is very necessary in building your start up. This is because cohesion and collaboration helps team members to take advantage of the advantages of digital transformation.

2. Increased revenue 

Startups that undertake the processes of digital transformation increase their earnings. According to SAP centre for Business Insights and Oxford Economics, about 80% of the businesses that have undergone digital transformation increase profits. Are you thinking about how to take your startup through digital transformation, Hawkish Institute is your best bet, as we will provide cutting edge solutions on how to upscale your earnings.

3. Improved productivity 

Taking your startup through digital transformation will help increase the efficiency and productivity of your team. This can be achieved by automating the manual tasks. This empowers the employees to produce more results.

4. Improved agility 

Digital transformation empowers the start up to be more innovative. Basically, when you take your startup through digital transformation, it becomes more agile, thereby improving speed-to-market and adopting continuous improvement.

5. Improved Customer Experience 

Digital transformation improves customer experience. Gardner’s report reveals that about two thirds of companies are competing for offering the best customer experience . Thus digital transformation will help to keep your company in the frontline as a top customer experience service provider.


Enjoying the benefits of digital transformation clearly requires innovation, and adaptability to current trends. Thus, if you are looking to grow your startup, digital transformation is non negotiable. If you need guidance on how to digitally transform your start up, you can reach out to Hawkish Consulting for further enquiries.


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