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Accountancy is a vital part of running any business, whether a larger company or an individual service provider. Accountancy not only helps you keep track of your money and assets, but also gives insight into the overall status and health of your company. This encompasses everything from preparing taxes, arranging financial reports, and recording transactions for both individuals and businesses.

We offer professional accountancy training for you and your team. Our training courses are tailored to your need ranging from  practical financial accounting, management accounting, payroll, Taxation such as income tax, corporation tax, inheritance tax, property tax, capital gain tax, bookkeeping, value added tax, making tax digital, FinTech training and many more.

There are a few essential accountancy tasks you will learn, which are vitally important to know when working in the business sector:

Recordation is the recording of business transactions, consisting of several principle recurring transactions. This can include customer invoices, supplier invoices, customer receipts, and employee wages. Recordation is typically managed by an admin clerk, accounts payables clerk, cashier, and payroll clerk, respectively.

However, there are many non-recurring transactions that can take place which must be recorded. This is usually done through journal entries, noting them in the accounting records. Journal entries are usually used by fixed asset accountants, general ledger clerks, and tax accountants.

Over time, your business will accumulate a number of different accounts and accounting records, usually filled out by various different accountants. The general ledger contains all of these different types of accounts, each storing information about a particular type of transaction. This can include product sales, depreciation, accounts receivable, and debt. The general ledger is very important to keep up to date, as it is used to derive financial statements and data that can be useful for internal control reporting.

Account reporting covers a variety of different aspects, which are often divided into smaller areas of expertise. These include:

  • Financial Accounting
    Usually covered by the controller and chief financial officer, financial accounting is the recording and reporting of a company’s business transactions. Using the general ledger, which contains all financial statements, documents are presented based on a set of rules known as accounting frameworks. The most commonly used accounting frameworks are Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS).
  • Management Accounting
    Management accounting helps to provide an accurate picture of the way the business is running, and what changes need to be made. Cost accountants and financial analysts use the general ledger and the central system of accounts to help a business’ management in making both long and short term decisions about the operation of the company.

Are you or your team in need of accountancy training to help run your business smoothly? Hawkish Institute, a part of Hawkish Group, is here to provide you with practical training and problem solving solutions. Our accountancy training scheme doesn’t just allow you to run your own business, it also gives you experience and knowledge to find employment in the industry.

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Accountancy Training in Canary Wharf London

Hawkish Institute is a professional training service operating under Hawkish Group. Offering various training courses, we provide opportunities to new business start-ups and professional looking to grain experience in accountancy. Hawkish Institute’s professional training services are available across three central London locations.

Accountancy Training in One Canada Square

Based at our headquarters in Canary Wharf, Hawkish Group provides training courses for finance, accountancy, investments, and consultancy. 50 stories high and 770 feet above sea level, One Canada Square is the third tallest skyscraper in the United Kingdom.

Accountancy Training at The Citigroup Centre, 25 Canada Square

Hawkish Institute provides professional training services at the Citigroup Centre. A business complex a few minutes from One Canada Square, the Citigroup Centre is 45 floors and 200 meters high, making it the joint 4th tallest building in the United Kingdom. Citigroup Centre 2, 25 Canada Square is the second building within the Citigroup Centre. Hawkish Institute provides a variety of diverse training courses for you and your business team.

Accountancy Training in The Gherkin Building

Hawkish Institute also has a variety of training courses available based at The Gherkin Building. 3 miles from our headquarters in Canada Square, ‘The Gherkin’ at 20 St Mary Axe is one of the most recognisable buildings in London since its opening in 2003.

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